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Sorry for the lack of updates folks, but I’ve been doing some contract work for the University of San Diego (helping implement their Banner system, we’re doing Online Registration at the moment). It’s a fun project, but the hours have been a little brutal. Only one night without any sleep, but others have come close. Last week I worked a hair under 100 hours, which is a new personal record. Things are starting to slow a bit now and I’ve actually seen Christy again which is nice. Unfortunately I’m still getting to work at 5:30am so my sleep schedule is a little whacked out.

The upshot to all of this is positive income! So of course I spent some of that and purchased a bottle each of Tori Amer and Pimm’s #1 the other day. I’ve now finally tried the Pimm’s Cup which is indeed refreshing. I’m looking forward to drinking more. I wanted to splurge and buy a bottle of Laphroaig 15 year which is my favorite scotch, but BevMo didn’t have any. I really need to find a superior liquor store in San Diego, but so far no luck. There’s always shopping online at Hi-Time Wine which has a delightfully ludicrous selection.

Right, time for bed.

A cocktail from morgueFile

As per request, I recently embarked upon playing with the Rob Roy. This drink is very simple, pretty much the Manhattan of the scotch world. Now, I’ve made many a delightful Manhattan, and the proportions normally stay more or less the same. Unfortunately, with a Rob Roy, all such bets are off.
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If you’re one of those living in an area with actual seasons, fall may be starting to creep your way. I’m one of many who think fall is simply a delightful time of year: the heat of summer seeps away and a certain crispness fills the air. Things are less dramatic here, but I’m extremely grateful to wave goodbye to the late-August heat wave.

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So I recently purchased a copy of “The Bartender’s Guide” by Jerry Thomas, aka “The Professor”, aka the guy who decided to organize and write down how to be a bartender, from mixing drinks to manufacturing liquors. The book is made up of two smaller books. The first is “How To Mix Drinks or The Bon-Vivant’s Companion” and was published in 1862.

Recipe #8: Scotch Whiskey Punch

Steep the thin yellow shavings of lemon peel in the whiskey, which should be Glenlivet or Islay, of the best quality; the sugar should be dissolved in boiling water. As it requires genius to make whiskey punch, it would be impertinent to give proportions.

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Rob Roy
as made by Julian Gualdoni

  • Two shots of Lagavulin 12 year
  • One shot of sweet vermouth
  • One shot of dry vermouth

Stir over ice with a few drops of angostura bitters.