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For those readers (bless you both) who still visit here seeking actual content, let me direct you to a blog that has some! Our neighbor Gwen is writing The Bread Stop, which you should all visit and try out some of her fabulous recipes. As a special bonus, she sometimes shares her creations with her neighbors, so it’s totally for my own good that you visit and provide positive comments in droves. Those popovers, for example, were divine.

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I’m neck deep in proformas for Business Strategy, but when my head rises above water and I get back into the land of reading for pleasure, I’m totally stopping by the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication’s coverage of Social Networking Sites. Have the time to read this? Maybe you should, too.

Inspired in many ways by the ever-fascinating danah boyd.

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In case you somehow missed the boingboing post, the astoundingly talented missmonster has created a really awesome werewolf costume. It’s really great, and while this is cool on its own, she also took a lot of pictures during the process and posted a killer instructable. I love making halloween costumes, so seeing how someone puts together something like this is really inspiring and great. Finally, check out missmonster’s werewolf journal for even more pictures and details.

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If you’re one of those living in an area with actual seasons, fall may be starting to creep your way. I’m one of many who think fall is simply a delightful time of year: the heat of summer seeps away and a certain crispness fills the air. Things are less dramatic here, but I’m extremely grateful to wave goodbye to the late-August heat wave.

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Bourbon Manhattan How have I not heard of this already? According to Avenue Vine, on August 27th of this year, the US Senate passed a resolution to officially declare September 2007 “National Bourbon Heritage Month.” While that might not sound too official, it certainly seems good enough for me!

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Forbes: Campari SmashI live in San Diego, home of temperate weather nearly all year around. The flip side of this is that, when it’s hot and humid like it is now, I really feel it. We don’t even own a fan; normally the breeze from the sea is enough, but today it’s 85 degrees and muggy in our apartment. Naturally, I did what any thinking person does in situations like these: searched the internet for a cooling cocktail. The one I ended up drinking is an upcoming post, but my runner up was from Forbes 10 Cool Summer Cocktails list. The fancy picture is from that article and shows a drink I plan on making soon: the Campari Smash. It’s mainly Campari and limoncello, both of which I happen to have. They have lots of other drinks, so take a look, make a drink, and cool down.

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Difford’s Guide is now online including their May 30th article Spirit Explained – Gin Tasting. Follow this link to see tasting notes and comments on over 80 different types of gin. Obviously disagreements may be had over anyone’s ratings of some types of gin, but it’s really lovely reading.

Bonus link! (after the jump)
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The ever-insightful danah boyd pointed out the following link to a (PDF) transcript of the Internet Caucus Advisory Committee’s Just the Facts About Online Youth Victimization” panel. I think danah provides a lot of fascinating insights about online youth culture and it was very enjoyable to see some other social scientists bringing a more quantitative approach to the discussion. Lots of good stuff here.