Bourbon ManhattanOk, so the Bourbon Shootout is approaching (I’m so stoked), which leads to two great questions: what bourbon to serve and what music to listen to? I already have enough bourbon, so let’s talk tracks.
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So here I am, you know, updating my blog for the first time this year. Fortunately it’s only June so it’s only a tad late. The one line summary is that life is great and I’m married.

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Happy holiday’s everyone! I recently learned that my photo of the ever delightful Negroni is being used by Wikipedia. Really, what could be a better holiday gift than that?

My photo of a Negroni on Wikipedia's entry for the delightful drink

My photo of a Negroni on Wikipedia's entry for the delightful drink

Hope y’all have a fabulous holiday season and may 2009 be vastly better than 2008.

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Sorry for the lack of updates folks, but I’ve been doing some contract work for the University of San Diego (helping implement their Banner system, we’re doing Online Registration at the moment). It’s a fun project, but the hours have been a little brutal. Only one night without any sleep, but others have come close. Last week I worked a hair under 100 hours, which is a new personal record. Things are starting to slow a bit now and I’ve actually seen Christy again which is nice. Unfortunately I’m still getting to work at 5:30am so my sleep schedule is a little whacked out.

The upshot to all of this is positive income! So of course I spent some of that and purchased a bottle each of Tori Amer and Pimm’s #1 the other day. I’ve now finally tried the Pimm’s Cup which is indeed refreshing. I’m looking forward to drinking more. I wanted to splurge and buy a bottle of Laphroaig 15 year which is my favorite scotch, but BevMo didn’t have any. I really need to find a superior liquor store in San Diego, but so far no luck. There’s always shopping online at Hi-Time Wine which has a delightfully ludicrous selection.

Right, time for bed.

In the spirit of last year’s birthday card, my wonderful mother sent me another blast from the past. Because I enjoy public humiliation, and am in my final crunch before graduating so am not writing any posts of substance, I’m showing it to you.

Happy Birthday from my Mother

Christy prefers the title, “How I Shaved His Thick Skull”. We took some photos during the cutting process, so might as well post them here. Unfortunately we didn’t have another camera person, so no action shots of Christy, even though she did most of the work.

Ready for Shaving All of the thumbnails can be clicked on if you really need a closer view. The last photo of my hair pre-shaving. It’s pretty much just straight out of the shower at this point, so a mess. I should be chopped off!

Cutting Starts We start off with initial hacking via scissors.

Mohawk Christy’s demonstration of what I would look like in a mohawk. Tempting to stop right here, but we tarried on.

Right Cutting Getting shorter… We started with the scissors and would later move to “buzzing” with the beard trimmer. I’m not the hairy beast (on my back and shoulders) that these pictures may indicate, that’s pretty much all cut hair.

Shaved Monkey Look, a shaved monkey! I actually kind of like it at this length. Something to look forward during the inevitable “put it back on!”

Give Myself a Buzz At this point we’ve switched to the beard trimmer. Christy was a little nervous about using it without the guard, so I did some testing to make sure it wouldn’t tear up my scalp too badly. The guard clogs after about one stroke so just wasn’t useful.

Stubble Right Stubble! Stubble Back

Leftovers Some of my ex-hair.

Maybe with a Little Glue With a little glue we can still fix it!

The Final Shave I jumped back in the shower, added some shaving oil and gel and then did the final shave by hand. Christy did most of the back, which is handy because there’s a few moles that way.

Newly Bald The final product a few days later, the same day shots are in the last post. No more helmet hair!

Guess What?
Guess What?

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Ok kiddlies, gather ’round the campfire for an exciting yarn about internet links and procrastination.

{sound of crickets}

Shocking. Anyhow, the other day Tavern Wench added me to her list of links. Of course, as soon as she did this, I changed the location of this blog (my sense of timing is a well oiled machine). Now, if you haven’t already visited her, I’d highly recommend you go there now and read a talented story teller recount tales from the bar industry. In addition, you can find a myriad of drink recipes, and easily kill the rest of your day (week?) in a most enjoyable manner.

But we’re here to talk about me. I noticed she’d added the link because WordPress has this feature where it notes incoming links. This is total nerd gold, so of course I poked around to find that it’s using Technorati. Now, Technorati’s been around a while and I’ve heard a few folks who really love it. Mainly it seems more status symbol than useful site, but perhaps that’s just because I haven’t really explored it. Anyhow, I go and search for “Ardenstone” and get nothing. After some mucking about, you need at least “” to get that one link. Either way I’m not included in the “Blog Directory.” Now this upsets my inner nerd a little.

So I go to add a link. Except you can’t unless you register. I just went through process of trying to figure out which of my 900 registrations link to the old address for this blog, so that just isn’t going to happen. The other thing I can do is add a little link back to Technorati, which its search engines will find and I’ll be flagged a blog (or something). Except this is the first time I’ve been to Technorati for months, so why am I going to direct my 3 readers there? So instead I look at their popular search terms, and see a lot of rubbish except for Violent Acres which I’ve never heard of and ends up being just the sort of blog that gets all the other bloggers in a tizzy. And loves it so adds fuel to the fire, and queue endless circles. Isn’t the internet awesome? Of course a I read too many articles (it is a fun blog) and end up a couple of links later at Inkscape which is an open source SVG editor. This keys off an interest of mine and I’m tempted to download it because vector graphics rocks, and so does free & open source software. This is when I come to my senses and decide that none of this is helping me get done what I want to do today. So instead I spend fifteen minutes writing a blog post about it.

I love the internet.