Since last we met, my dear reader (and you, no doubt, a spam bot), I have ended up back in a climate somewhat colder than one might hope. This forced upon me the not unpleasant task of researching something that would warm my fingers as they grasp the glass and innards as they consume the contents. I’ve been referring to it as the Winter Warmer.
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For those readers (bless you both) who still visit here seeking actual content, let me direct you to a blog that has some! Our neighbor Gwen is writing The Bread Stop, which you should all visit and try out some of her fabulous recipes. As a special bonus, she sometimes shares her creations with her neighbors, so it’s totally for my own good that you visit and provide positive comments in droves. Those popovers, for example, were divine.

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Ok, we’ve just returned from our fourth trip to Anza-Borrego, and once again enjoyed it thoroughly. The flowers are just about to pop (if the weather holds, I imagine next two weekends (3/20/2010 and 3/27) will be really fabulous) with a few early birds already showing their stuff. However, for those newly going to the park, a few hints:
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Bourbon Shootout DirectionsWell folks, the Bourbon Shootout was a rousing success. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and filled our tiny apartment to the gills. We ended up trying every bourbon I own, except for the Jim Beam, which means we tried nine (9!) different bourbons plus a variety of other cocktails and liquors. Fortunately the tasting was post-potluck, where much delightful food was consumed.

So what were the popular bourbons? The 3 clear winners were:
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Bourbon ManhattanOk, so the Bourbon Shootout is approaching (I’m so stoked), which leads to two great questions: what bourbon to serve and what music to listen to? I already have enough bourbon, so let’s talk tracks.
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So here I am, you know, updating my blog for the first time this year. Fortunately it’s only June so it’s only a tad late. The one line summary is that life is great and I’m married.

More details:
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Happy holiday’s everyone! I recently learned that my photo of the ever delightful Negroni is being used by Wikipedia. Really, what could be a better holiday gift than that?

My photo of a Negroni on Wikipedia's entry for the delightful drink

My photo of a Negroni on Wikipedia's entry for the delightful drink

Hope y’all have a fabulous holiday season and may 2009 be vastly better than 2008.

We’ve been going on hiking trips roughly once a weekend (as soon as my workload allowed it again), which has been just a ton of fun. We’ve recently been exploring Cuyamaca Rancho State Park which is a stunning park just south of Julian. It takes us about 45 minutes to drive there from near downtown, but it’s totally worth it.

This morning we hiked up Stonewall Peak which I totally recommend. It’s about two miles each way if you go straight up and back, and it’s an easy hike (almost all of the many hikers we saw involved small kids, which is rare for most of the hikes we take) with a fabulous view at the top. Naturally we took a side road back down which some random book had told us would only be half a mile longer although my glance at a map earlier had me suspecting that was a tad short. We ended up hiking a bit over 5 miles total, which is a great way to spend late morning and early afternoon.

While we were near the peak, we stopped for a bit and Christy took a few minutes to sketch out:
Overlooking Lake Cuyamaca
Yeah, she’s good.

In related news we’ve had a number of friends inquire about where we hike, so we’re thinking about getting together groups of people maybe once a month or so for a hike. Our first will probably be next Sunday, so if you’re in the area feel free to join us! Our downstairs neighbor will probably come along and maybe a few other friends and we’re actually thinking about doing this same hike again (probably straight up and back, without the bonus detour). Christy and I have really been enjoying exploring the greater San Diego area and it will be fun to hit some of our favorite hikes again with some of our favorite people!