So here I am, you know, updating my blog for the first time this year. Fortunately it’s only June so it’s only a tad late. The one line summary is that life is great and I’m married.

More details:

  1. I somehow managed to get hitched to the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m still a tad dazed at my luck, but my plan is to enjoy the fact indefinitely. We’re collecting a list of pictures folks took on our wedding website.
  2. Christy had an art show recently which went fabulously except that she sold a bunch of her work before we managed to snap any good photographs. It was an amazing show, and, I suspect, the first of many. Very exciting.
  3. We’re planning a honeymoon to Machu Picchu. Have any advice? We’d love to hear it.
  4. Given that my job involves thinking about student and staff access to online University resources, it’s really time for me to get back into the online world. About a year ago I stopped checking several of my email accounts, stopped logging in to FaceBook, LinkedIn, stopped attending various organizations, etc. My work load hit about 80 hours/week (some weeks less, some weeks a chunk more) so I walked away from a lot of things. Not a particularly well mannered way of organizing my life, but it’s what I did. This weekend I’ve started slowly picking those pieces up once more and trying to re-integrate various digital networks into my busy-but-thankfully-not-that-busy life. I’m still gearing myself up to take on FaceBook.
  5. New tools I’m using:
    • Digsby is looking like a really lovely way to push a wide array of digital clutter into a more central feed.
    • MyPunchBowl is a competitor to e-vite and it’s about a million times nicer. I’m using it to organize the Bourbon Shootout and it has features like a Potluck list (what goes better with a bourbon tasting than a potluck, after all?) that I like. I do miss evite’s mix of reservations and response messages all on the same page, though. The Guest Management (a title I cackle at every time I see) screen is ok, but a little to pared down for my tastes (very web 2.0). Anyhow, I’m still on the fence as to whether it’s too much or not, but it’s lovely to see an alternative.
    • I just installed, wp-to-twitter so this post will be the first test of the blog being syndicated on Twitter. Coincidentally, this will be my first twitter post. I signed up for twitter due to a lot of factors, but mainly I’m going to blame Tavern Wench.
  6. I’m totally looking forward to The Bourbon Shootout. Details will follow.
  7. Also seeking things like a new digital camera, a website for Christy to put her art on, any bright ideas about how to present University resources to prospective, current and future students in a way they’d be interested in (we have a couple of exciting projects underway), new hikes to take in San Diego, etc.

So, how’s life with you?


  1. Horray! Please do come back to Facebook… I still await your confirming my friend request from a year ago 🙂 . There are photos of you to tag!

    Glad to hear you are doing well. Just finished June wedding weekend #2 here… another beautiful one! Hope married life is treating you both well, and hope we can all get together again soon!

  2. Ardenstone

    Your photos of JWW#2 were lovely! The Safari Room was stupendous, I’m trying to convince Christy we should do that in our living room but so far no dice.

    Facebook, schmacebook. Also, I’ve forgotten my username. Ha!

  3. Chris, we will find you and friend you no matter your username. Glad to see you back online!