In the spirit of last year’s birthday card, my wonderful mother sent me another blast from the past. Because I enjoy public humiliation, and am in my final crunch before graduating so am not writing any posts of substance, I’m showing it to you.

Happy Birthday from my Mother


  1. Hee hee! You look so healthy! Not like a future Prince of Death at all!

  2. Oh, and happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Chris!

  4. I hope it is a super-duper triple “Gold Star” day for you!!!

    And good luck on finishing school. Go Chris!

  5. Thanks for all the well-wishes! My birthday was fun, and filled with various cocktail making devices and materials. It’s what to get for the graduate student who has nothing!

    The countdown is on, a week to go! This seems exciting until I think about the amount of stuff to do in that week…