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Ok, this is another wildly specific hack but on the off chance there’s another human trying to do the same thing: here’s a file you can download if you’re using Piwigo to host your images and you want to send a feed of random images from one category to a program via RSS. In my case, I love using John’s Background Switcher (JBS) to show pictures I’ve taken as background photos. JBS is one of those programs that does one thing and does it very well. It can pull files from a variety of popular hosting services, I started using it back when I had my photos on Flickr. Here’s how you can point it to your Piwigo instance.
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07. October 2016 · Comments Off on Adding Admore Light Bar to 2016 Piaggio BV350 · Categories: Travel · Tags: , ,

Before setting out on a planned multi-month trip (the multi-month part was planned, nothing else was) on my scooter, I wanted to upgrade the rear lights a bit. One of my main worries with touring on the BV350 is its limited range, something I’d been augmenting by carrying a couple of fuel bottles bolted to the underside of the top case. Unfortunately this tended to cover the rear lights a bit.

This is a quick post to highlight how my father and I connected up an Admore light bar to my 2016 Piaggio BV350 scooter.
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23. July 2016 · Comments Off on John Brown Chased Off Museum Employees · Categories: Travel · Tags: , , ,

A quick trip in the heat, even leaving mid-morning meant signs showing high 90’s on the way home. This was a scooter ride out to Osawatomie, Kansas to visit the John Brown Museum! Which ended up being closed.

Drove the route clockwise:
Lawrence to Osawatomie (CW)
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04. July 2016 · Comments Off on The 2nd Largest Hand-Dug Well in Kansas is Boring · Categories: Travel · Tags: , , ,

Working in IT for a University has a lot of advantages but one disadvantage is that every 4th of July means “giant upgrade where your shift starts at 3:30am.” That was Sunday morning, so on Monday I was still a bit groggy and decided for a moderate ride. I’ve hit most of the stuff that I know about nearby Lawrence. I decided to ride out to Seneca and check out what is apparently the second largest hand-dug well in Kansas. The destination was even more boring than it sounds, but I had a nice ride.

Route from Lawrence to Seneca and back (CCW)

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25. June 2016 · Comments Off on Geographical Center of the Contiguous United States · Categories: Travel · Tags: , , ,

My longest ride yet, this time I headed from Lawrence to find The Geographical Center of the Contiguous United States! It turns out if you include Alaska and Hawaii in the calculations things move up to South Dakota, so Kansas had to add a qualifier to keep this point of pride. I rode this route counter-clockwise, heading up north and west before returning the “lower” route.

Route from Lawrence to Geographical Center of US

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19. June 2016 · Comments Off on The Abandoned Town of Picher · Categories: Travel · Tags: , , , ,

Another scooter ride report, this time I left from Lawrence and headed mostly South. The goal was twofold: cross the border to say I’ve been to Oklahoma and to check out the ghost town of Picher. I drove the route below counter-clockwise (took the path on the left down and the one on the right back).

Route Map from Lawrence to Picher and back

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11. June 2016 · Comments Off on Lawrence to Stacked Stone Fences, Maple Hill Church and Back · Categories: Travel · Tags: , , , ,

This is a ride report for some scooter nerds I hang out with. The rest of y’all are welcome to read it, but it might be a bit boring.

Today I wanted to test various bits of new gear and technology and decided to take a ride in a largish loop West of Topeka. RoadsideAmerica had a couple of sights out that way I’d missed on previous rides so I figured I’d take the longish way around.

20160611 Route Map

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21. March 2015 · Comments Off on American Beauty Cocktail · Categories: Cocktails · Tags: , , ,

So there once was a group of college kids who had various bottles of booze and a drink-bible. Out of the combination of these, many things were attempted and a few were so awful as to be memorable. At the urging of a so-called friend, here’s my (lazy) attempt to recreate one of these: The American Beauty cocktail.
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