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A quick trip in the heat, even leaving mid-morning meant signs showing high 90’s on the way home. This was a scooter ride out to Osawatomie, Kansas to visit the John Brown Museum! Which ended up being closed.

Drove the route clockwise:
Lawrence to Osawatomie (CW)

This may be my last Kansas ride report as I’m about to leave, so it’s brief but might as well do it up right including fancy map. I took mostly highways out, enjoying the countryside but not stopping for photos until the wonderfully named town of Osawatomie. First up was this beautiful Creamery Bridge over the Marais des Cygnes River:
Creamery Bridge

Then a couple blocks over to the John Brown Museum! You can see I was also testing riding with a small duffel bag:
John Brown Museum

Inside that stone building is a log cabin where John Brown stayed for a while. Pro-slavery forces attacked the town and the nearby park has a walking tour that follows the battle. One of John Brown’s sons was killed (being a son of John Brown tended to end poorly) and you can read more about it on Wikipedia. That’s how I learned about it because the museum had a handy sign informing me that they would open 20 minutes ago. I wandered about for a bit, but the park was totally empty at 10:30am on a Saturday morning. It was a little eerie given the playground and various picnic tables, but I think the heat just kept everyone indoors.

A photo of the famed cabin through the surrounding building’s window:
Cabin Inside

A sculpture of John Brown, apparently from the same foundry that made the Statue of Liberty. Bonus scooter in the background:
John Brown

Eventually I gave up and headed out, following the John Brown Highway (apparently not a lot else has happened around here!). There was a sign commemorating the site of the original cabin, before it was moved to its present location, and of course instead you get a picture of the run down house next to it:

Further debilitation farther down the road. I love the textures:

Closer to home:

And a last picture of the plains:
No Hunting

Quick trip, maybe 3 hours for 120 miles. Was glad to get home and peel off my armor. Stay cool out there folks.

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