Bourbon Manhattan How have I not heard of this already? According to Avenue Vine, on August 27th of this year, the US Senate passed a resolution to officially declare September 2007 “National Bourbon Heritage Month.” While that might not sound too official, it certainly seems good enough for me!

Looking for a way to celebrate this fine month? Personally, I recommend drinking some fine bourbon straight up. I prefer to reach for Four Roses Single Barrel or the George T. Stagg, but there are many wonderful options.

Of course, mixing bourbon in a cocktail is also a fine, patriotic maneuver. The default is a manhattan, although I tend to prefer them with rye. Try adding a dash of the maraschino juice for something a bit different! If you want a slew of cocktail options, perhaps start at last February’s Mixology Monday XII: Whisk[e]y. Sure it’s not just bourbon, but there are a number in there. Finally, there’s Straight Bourbon’s list of Bourbon drinks.

On the off chance you are operating under the misunderstanding that you don’t enjoy bourbon, but still want to celebrate all that’s right with America, it’s worth giving bourbon buttered pecan ice cream a shot. It just might make a believer out of you!

I’m off to celebrate some of America’s finest accomplishments! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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  1. Well, who says those clowns in Congress have done it again? This may be their finest hour. I hoist my bottle of Wild Turkey to them and to the great spirit (hm) of America.