Arrr! It do be Talk Like a Pirate Day and as such the cats are wearing eye-patches and I be swillin’ rum. To prepare this fine cocktail you’ll be needing to first pirate a fine merchant vessel, preferably one with rum, sugar cane and spices.

The Bumbo

2 oz o’ amber or dark rum
1 oz o’ water
1/4 or 1/2 oz o’ simple sugar or two sugar cubes or a tablespoon or so of sugar
a dash o’ nutmeg
a dash o’ cinnamon

Throw all yer ingredients in a glass and drink it down! Pirates be short on ice, although it could be added for landlubbers.


  1. Yarr! What be the meanin’ o’ this here concoction’s name? Talk or walk the plank! (Oh, eight and a half long hours to go…)

  2. No idea, have I! Although it do be called Bombo or Bumboo depending on the pirate. There be a mostly useless article on Wikipedia. I did read somewhere that Bumbo was slang for certain genitalia, but I be leavin’ further research to the reader.

  3. I do be leery of a grog that calls for both rum AND sugar. Be it not too sweet?

  4. The grog be actually surprisin’ly tasty. It be sweet, but the water widens it out a bit and the spices complement the sweetness.

    I find myself happy that TLAP be only a day long, and once a year at that.

  5. Yarr! Twenty-two more minutes there be until Talk like a Pirate Day be keelhauled! Thank Christ for that. Yer time stamp be fucked-up, by the way.

  6. I’m quite pleased with WordPress as a whole, but it handles timezones really poorly at the moment (version 2.2.3). It basically just takes an offset from UTC (like GMT but more accurate by some fractions of a second or something). Unfortunately, said offset has no ability to deal with daylight savings. Theres talk of fixing it sometime in the future, and I could just go ahead and change it manually, but then I’d have to go ahead and change it back in a couple of months. Chances of me remembering: low. So they stay as they lay.

  7. Oh, I love Talk Like Nathaniel Poe Day! Someday I think those pirates and I are going to have a serious disagreement! (Unless this is Talk Like Nathaniel On The U.S.-Issued DVD Day; I mean, if you’re going to be a geek, be a geek, right?)