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After the initial disappointment in the frame, Christy decided to add her own, un-gessoed canvas to the frame. I lent her a hand to stretch and staple it (mmmmm, staple gun) on.

As you can see, we’ve gone from maybe two dozen staples total to more than two dozen per side. The canvas is stretched much more tightly and attached much more firmly in this version.
Stapled Canvas

It really is stretched pretty tight, which is kind of fun to drum on. Flipping it over we see a new beginning! A blank canvas she’ll actually use:
Blank Canvas

That’s it for this week. While there has been a request for me to model in a sequined dress, it was decided that unimaginable horror did not need to be added to this blog. You can thank me later for preserving your sanity. Next week things get more exciting and color is actually added!

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