Ok folks, time for a new tradition! Because this blog isn’t schizophrenic enough, I’m adding a whole new feature: a weekly picture from Christy’s latest project. We’ve been talking about this for a little while, and she just started a new painting so the timing seemed good. As a special bonus, there are two pictures this week!

The first picture is the canvas. She bought this Artist & Craftsman Supply a few weeks back. Unfortunately they only carry one brand of stretched canvas (Apollon) and it just didn’t look that great. Still, Christy had some extra canvas hanging around, so if it wasn’t great quality at least she could use the frame.

The pictures are on flickr, so click on them for a larger version.

Here’s the newly purchased stretched canvas on her aisle:
Purchased Canvas

You may not be surprised to learn that Apollon stretched canvases are, upon closer inspection, not that great. Christy uses oil paints and the canvas was only attached with a few (twenty? that’s not much for an 18″x18″ canvas) staples, so she was worried it would sag. Combined with her inherent distrust of pre-gessoed (basically primed) canvases, and she decided to toss the canvas and stretch and attach her own canvas on the frame. So here’s the second picture, the frame:

The pictures will get more exciting, but we’re going to start slow.

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  1. Christy, you need to get Chris to model the paintings in a sequined dress! It will be good practice for him. Chris, don’t read this comment.