it is difficult to study when all one really wants to do is sleep or play Winterbells.

update the next day – while I stand by the above statement, and am fully convinced that this semester is exactly two weeks too long, even if you’re not completely zoned out, Winterbells is a really neat game. Orisinal is a pretty site, and hosts a lot of small, simple games with beautiful graphics in soft, pastel colors. Most of the games don’t do a lot for me, but I love that they’re taking video games in a different direction, and all the games show the results of being lovingly crafted with wonderful attention to quality. Winterbells is the first game I find really entrancing. Guiding the bunny as he hops from bell to bell can feel a bit like flying at times, as the snow flakes turn to stars and the music continues to drift in the background. I am reminded of a friend of mine describing how she sometimes had lucid dreams where she would be able to guide herself as she flew through whatever dream city or scape she encountered that evening. I love that image.

Anyhow, a game is fairly quick, with a decently long one running less than two minutes. Give it a try, I think you’ll like it. If you’re the competitive type, my high score is 33,283,440 (because what experience can’t be codified by numbers these days?).

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  1. Played again tonight while waiting for a classmate to email me back (I’m thinking he’s asleep at this point). 70,961,170 is my current high score. The bells are small and harder to come by at that point. Um, ok scratch all that. 1,362,966,658. Time for bed.

    updated later let’s just leave it at 258,374,398,513,360.