On the To Do list: making Advokaat.

Webtender – evaporated milk, eggs, vodka, lemon, sugar, vanilla extract

Recipezaar – egg yolks, extra fine granulated sugar, vanilla extract, brandewijn (Dutch brandy)

eGullet – egg yolks, sugar, vanilla sugar, dutch brandy, water

Bigosbar – scroll down for: eggs, sugar, vanilla essence, vodka

A lot on my plate – egg yolks, sugar, evaporated milk, lemon juice, brandy

Brew Plus – scroll to end for: fine sugar, vanilla pod, water, egg yolks, vodka

04. January 2007 · 2 comments · Categories: To Do

Somehow I’m back in class already, and spent most of today reading about negotiations. It’s actually interesting reading, which is a nice change for my MBA books, but after five hours my eyes were fogging over and my concentration was shot. I went to check the mail, only to see the mailman delivering it. This happens to me pretty much anytime I check for the mail before 5pm. I’m not sure if they’re watching my door or have decided it’s a nice place to camp out. Shockingly enough, this post isn’t about mail but about alcohol. I decided to quickly browse through a cocktail blog or two. This sort of browsing always ends up taking longer than the mail delivery.

I’ve also created a new category, “To Do.” I hate to fill the cocktails area with untested cocktails, but I also need to be sober for my class tonight.

From Art of Drink:

Feliz Natal Cocktail

1 part Port
1 part Amaretto
2 parts Creme de Cacao
1 part Cherry brandy
½ part Brandy

Instructions: Stir all ingredients together in a rocks or old fashion glass with a couple of ice cubes and enjoy!

I miss my holiday cocktail party. Maybe next year!

From CocktailDB:

The Blinker

1 1/2 oz rye (4.5 cl, 3/8 gills)
1 oz grapefruit juice (3 cl, 1/4 gills)
1/4 oz grenadine (6 dashes, 1/16 gills)

Shake in iced cocktail shaker & strain
Serve in a cocktail glass (4.5 oz)

From The Handy Snake we have:

The Manhattan Special

2 – 2.5 oz rye whiskey
.5 oz sweet vermouth
.5 oz Benedictine
2 dashes of Angostura bitters

Stir with ice and strain into a small rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with a cherry.

Of course, this then leads me to want to:

  1. Make my own maraschino cherries. See the Manhattan Special article, plus eGullet forums and The Splendid Table.
  2. Make my own grenadine. I’ve had the foul stuff from the store for years, and disdained any drink that called for it. At some point I should make my own, and The Cocktail Chronicles has (have?) some suggestions.

That’s all for now, back to the book. Right after I check for the mail…