BuckarooI usually drink a cup of coffee a day, and it’s decaf at that. However, I find that if I don’t have any caffeine, come early afternoon a slight headache develops. Perhaps its all in my mind (can you really be addicted to decaf?! I know it still has some caffeine, but come on…), but today was one of those days where the morning flew by and suddenly it’s 3pm and I’m rubbing my forehead. The weather has turned warm, and it’s rather hot in the sunbeam (sorry Ohioans), so I was in no mood for a cup of coffee. My backup plan: Coke! It’s also Friday, and I’m at home just finishing some web updates, so the perfect time for a drink.

The Buckaroo is just bourbon and cola (Coke!) with some bitters thrown in. It’s a nice alternative to the Cuba Libre, of which I’m also a fan.


  • 1 1/2oz bourbon
  • two dashes of Angostura bitters
  • cola

Bring out a trusty highball glass, fill it with ice, add the bourbon and bitters and then fill with cola. I tend to give it a gentle swirl or two with the bar spoon, but that can be tough with a fizzy base.

Simple and tasty! It’s pretty sweet, the bourbon and the cola combining for that, but the bitters gives it a little edge and some minimal depth. It’s also great for curing headaches, although that may be more the bourbon than the cola.

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  1. You’re so health-conscious!!