Michelada Due to travel and whatnot it’s been a while since we had any new cocktails posted here. I’m going to ease back into things gently, so what we have here is a beer-based cocktail called the Michelada. Around these parts it’s considered a Mexican thing, but I’m not sure how far down into Latin or South America it’s popular. I first heard of it in Playboy of all places (part of my never-requested, never-paid-for, and apparently never-ending subscription but hey they often have a cocktail recipe every month so who am I to complain?), but it seems like one of those drinks that everyone does a little differently.


Chili Powder to taste (try 2-3 dashes at first)
Juice of a lime (if you’re using a squeeze bottle come to your senses or try about 1 1/2 oz )
2 dashes hot sauce (Tabasco is ok, but something less vinegary is preferable)
1 dash Worcestershire sauce (Lea & Perrins is the perennial favorite)
1 Mexican beer (I’m fond of Negra Modelo)

Find yourself a nice, big glass. Schooner glasses or mugs work fine, I have neither so just scrounged up an extra-large wine glass from one of the nearby wineries. Put the lime juice, chili powder and sauces in the glass and then pour the beer in. Be careful, it may foam more than normal (especially if you add salt as other variations call for). Garnish with a wedge of lime.

There isn’t really much to this; it tastes kind of like a spicy, limy beer. However, that’s surprisingly fun and goes well with barbecues or campfires. It’s a good summer drink, especially if you’re kicking back around a fire pit.


  1. Wild! Sort of like a Bloody Mary with beer?

  2. You are absolutely right in that it’s very reminiscent of a Bloody Mary. I’ve even seen some recipes that have some type of tomato juice (often Clamato or V8). Like a Bloody Mary, everyone has their own version of the recipe and it’s fun to play around with it.

  3. In Mexico they add Maggi Sauce too which is sold in the U.S. It adds so much flavor to your Michelada, and let me tell you its BY FAR the best thing for a hangover!