Barcelona Kitchen WindowBarcelona was tons of fun. A few hundred pictures are up on my flickr site.

Miles Flown (according to US Air): 12,588
Photos Taken: 749
Good Meals Eaten: 3
Blisters on Chris’ Feet: 6
Blisters on Christy’s Feet: 0
Miles Walked: Approximately 1 million, most of those by Christy
Tourist Sites Seen (and enjoyed): too many to count

The trip rocked.

(picture is the view outside our Barcelona apartment window)


  1. It’s not even 7 a.m. and he gets on his blog to tell us he’s home. That’s love, fellow readers!

    The U.S. missed you. We’ve started keeping a schedule of Sebastian’s adventures on the fridge. (Art Boy is developing a keyed system of tasteless illustrations.)

  2. Glad you made it home safe! I’ve been following your trip via your Flickr site – it looks like you had an amazing time!