“Everything Hurts” is another sketch by Christy done in two sessions over a weekend. For a while, every joint in her body was causing her pain.

Everything Hurts

A detail shot:
Everything Hurts - Detail

Finally, a shot of Christy modeling after the sketch was done:
Christy models for “Everything Hurts”


  1. just like frida khalo, she’ll turn pain into art.
    does that make you deigo?

  2. Doesn’t Christy create marvelous works? Some from pain, some from happier places, all of them incredible.

    That being said, I do hope for a relationship less stormy than that of Frida and Diego.

  3. I’d buy this whole series from her. I have always loved her work. She shows the side of herself she’s hates talking about. The raw emotion in these images makes so sad.