Picked up a bottle of Pisco to try a Pisco Sour and are now looking for other Pisco-based drinks to try? By a strange coincidence, I am as well! This is a much simpler drink, and not as fun as the Pisco Sour, but still enjoyable. I’ve also seen it referred to as simply a “Chilcano.”

Chilcano de Pisco

Pour a shot or two of Pisco over ice into whatever tumbler or highball glass you have handy. Fill with ginger ale. Add in a squirt of lemon juice and a shake or two of angostura bitters. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

As you can see, it’s an exact recipe. The core of it is Pisco and ginger ale similar to a rum & coke. In fact, I’ve seen some recipes that stop right there, and that’s an enjoyable drink. If you’re feeling like you simply must measure things, 6:1 ale to Pisco seems about standard. The lemon juice and bitters make it more fun, but it’s a subtle change. This is a summery drink, which Christy also enjoys sampling.


  1. Art Boy likes ginger ale, and I of course like booze, so this looks like one we ought to try. Thanks, Ardenstone!

  2. Ardenstone

    It really is mostly spiked ginger ale, but it has a certain earthy quality to it that I really enjoy. I don’t think I’d buy any Pisco solely for this drink, but then who am I to council against buying liquor?

  3. I can now heartily endorse this drink. It’s for when you want a gin and tonic but want, like, the butterscotch-flavored version.