The main reason we took pictures as Christy was working on her portrait of me was so I could try and give setting up time lapse a shot. We had some difficulties since the aisle floating around a lot during painting, and the camera was also in use between paintings. We rigged up some masking tape to mark where the aisle should go, and how things were positioned, and this helped a lot. Unfortunately, things still shifted from shot to shot, especially when one of us would forget to set everything up right before snapping that set of photos. Even worse than these was the lighting. With our sliding glass door in back of the aisle, the painting would look totally different during the day or night. We could usually get away without a flash, but we never had enough light sources to really show the depth of color without it. Unfortunately, the flash almost always added glare (using a tiny hand-held camera with fixed flash), so I tried to use mostly ones without the flash.

All that being said, I hacked together what kind of time lapse I could. This shows the process from poorly assembled, stock canvas, through disassembly, rebuilding and painting. We hope you enjoy it.


  1. I love that! Here are my two favorite parts:
    1. When the whites of your eyes suddenly pop in (aaa!)
    and 2. four frames later, when the color, particularly in your epicurean beverage, suddenly gets richer. The latter could be a trick of the lighting but it looks super cool. But the whites of your eyes popping on is terrifying – like one of those Haunted Memories portraits.

    “The Epicurean”? Great title. (What kind of Quaker are you?)

  2. Heheh, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The whole zombie phase was fun, and you’re totally right about the eyes popping out. Christy was looking forward to painting in the gin, so saved it for later, which is why it suddenly fills in near the end.

    Not drinking alcohol seems to be purely an American Quaker thing, not pulled from their English roots at all! I might get points off the “simplicity” statutes, though… Ah, well.

  3. You mean you might lose…………….Quaker points?