The eyes are filled in which does wonders for my return from zombie-hood. There’s also some highlights (shading?) of the skin.
The Eyes Have It

Christy has been excited to work on the martini glass, especially the bright blue (Magellan) martini. The concept of painting vibrant liquids with oil paints hurts my brain a little, but even her early “sketching” is looking great.
Fine Lookin' Drink


  1. The colors are so rich! It looks like it’s being painted on old wood. Beautiful. I love how your cufflink (you’re so dapper) is echoed by the pimento in the olive.

    Christy will have to work “Magellan gin” into the title somewhere so people don’t think you’re drinking a raspberrytini.

  2. Alas, the cufflinks on the final version looks nothing like the pimento, so enjoy it while it lasts! Naturally I think cufflinks are cool since I also enjoy things like smoking a pipe and waving my cane at kids playing on the lawn. The raspberrytini also looks quite a bit more vibrant, but I’m not sure labeling it as Magellan gin will help. Other than huge gin-nerds and anyone within their reach, who knows what Magellan is?

  3. So future art students will write dissertations on the fascinating disconnect between subject and beverage. “This man appears so sophisticated. Why is he drinking a raspberrytini?” they will ask rhetorically before launching into their analyses of gender roles, the sociopolitical effects of “Swingers,” and drink recipes.

    Speaking of which, where were you on St. Patrick’s Day? No advice for your readers on what to do with all their Jamesons? No thoughts on the Irish car bomb?

    OK, so it doesn’t really look like a raspberrytini. It does in the photo, though!