Week #3:

The canvas is gessoed, so now it’s all white:
Gessoed Canvas

Then we finally get to some color as Christy adds the first layer of paint. She uses oil paints, which have some neat colors and textures.
First Layer

And by the end of her painting session, you can see she’s already painted the basis for most of the portrait. Since we’ve come to the interesting part, I’m upping the size of the photos. As always, click on them for higher resolution:
First Day's Paint

Can we guess the subject? Christy and I ended up decided to do this project (documenting the painting step-by-step) before she’d decided what her next painting was going to be about, so this was kind of a fun coincidence. I’m always fascinated by watching her paintings and other art progress. Each stage is full of interesting details, and the process of a whole is fun to watch.


  1. He’s even arching his eyebrow! That’s awesome. Would you say it’s Manhattan-colored?

  2. I kind of like it in this stage, although it looks even cooler with other colors on it. The hope is to eventually put a time lapse of all of these together, sort of a digital flip-book, which should be fun.

  3. In reply to post that later was removed: I use DreamHost and have been quite happy with them for many years.