The negroni is one of my all time favorite cocktails. Otherwise known as The Manliest Pink Drink, it draws its stunning color from the key ingredient of Campari. Now, Campari is a hell of a thing and perhaps not for the faint of heart. One of my friends in Columbus would try a sip of my negroni, and consistently pull a face and remark, “I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.” Consider yourself warned.


1 oz gin
1 oz Campari
1 oz sweet vermouth

Shake with ice and either strain into a cocktail glass (the tradition these days), or over a highball glass with two ice cubes. Garnish with an orange twist.

Depending on my mood, I often mix a classic one (in which case serve in a cocktail glass), but if I want something for relaxing while reading a book, I go for the recipe above and maybe add a couple of ice cubes. Some serve it over ice with a little soda water, and lots of folks add a slice of orange (half a wheel) and/or some orange bitters. Play around and find what you like!


Update: this picture is now in use by Wikipedia’s entry on the Negroni!

Oh, and that first taste? Yeah, you may (re: probably) won’t like it. Stick with it, you might just end up with a pink drink you can order with pride!


  1. I survived one of these Negronis. Drinking it was a fascinating experience. It reminded me of my first martini, which also tasted like floor cleaner. Unlike the martini, though, the Negroni has so far failed to lure me back with its siren call. Perhaps it is a boy thing?

  2. Chris, you just like Campari because their ads feature women dressed as devils in skintight red vinyl outfits. That’s so like you!

  3. The ads probably remind Chris of that movie with Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley…

  4. While it is true that I’m all about ads with Brendan Fraser women dressed in skintight red vinyl, y’all are missing the true attraction of Campari. It may indeed be a boy thing, I have yet to meet a woman who enjoyed one. I do know a few fellows who thoroughly enjoy a good Negroni, although often the time has to be right. Chris Bernard and I had delightful Negronis last night, while the womenfolk looked on in horror. Campari is just so good!

  5. Ok, after doing an (admittedly quick) search of Google’s images, I can’t find any red-devil-ladies hawking Campari. Is that from their vintage ads? There was a one with someone on a white horse that I always liked, but I don’t recall the that the rider was a devil. The Campari adds I am familiar with, are more like this one. Which I sort of enjoy, although find their rampant heterosexuality to be an opportunity lost.

  6. Ads or no ads, you win a prize for use of the phrase “pull a face.”

  7. No no, PRINT ads. In publications like the New Yorker (or perhaps only the New Yorker, since that’s where I see them). One features a lady in a devil outfit wrapping herself around another lady in an angel outfit, tempting her to sin with some Campari, I assume!

  8. Ardenstone

    Interesting, I was assuming they were some of the vintage print adds. Alas, if it’s not in the Wall Street Journal (yes, I’m an MBA. I get the WSJ. Of course, now that I receive it, I realize what utter crap the reporting in it is, but whatever) then I don’t see it. Frankly, the ad sounds like a certain two Hobbs house women around gin. I’m just not sure which one is the angel…