29. January 2007 · Comments Off on WordPress 2.1 upgrade (or: sorry about the missing links) · Categories: WordPress · Tags: , , ,

Sorry, this blog is going hardcore nerd for a couple of days. I’m in the midst of WordPress hackery so y’all are getting subjected to it. A new cocktail very soon…

In the meantime, the Linky sideroll is back. It took me until today to realize it was gone. It turns out wp_get_links() may or may not have been deprecated in 2.1, but it now works differently and the codex doesn’t seem quite up to date. I had to make sure they all had a category, and then change the call from the old way (no parameters) to:


It’s possible I’m supposed to be using wp_list_bookmarks() instead, but frankly that doesn’t seem to have the options I need.

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