How and Where to Get Tcl


You can download the newest version of Tcl/Tk from Scriptics homepage. As I'm writing this, the latest release of their code is 8.0 which can be found at: You will want to download their binaries for whatever platform you're on (probably Windows95 or Macintosh). Note that you'll be able to run some of your programs on the web! There's a plug-in for web browsers that will let you view some programs that people post on their web pages. If you know HTML (and if you don't you should. If you can learn Tcl, you can learn HTML), you can easily embed Tcl programs inside your page! You can find the plug-in at: Just click on "Download the Plug-in."

Follow their instructions to install it (usually by clicking on the file you downloaded), and you'll notice that you have two programs you can run: tclsh and wish. Tclsh is a program you can use to write pure tcl programs. To be honest, I've used it about twice. I use wish which allows the much more fun Tk extensions to be used to create graphical applications and is also windows compliant, so I can copy and paste to the thing in addition to it color coding stuff. This is what we'll be using. When you open it up you should get two windows: Tk Console and Tk WISH80. The console is where you type in stuff, the other box is where graphical results are posted. Move them so that the wish window is off to the side, so that you can type in stuff and see the results at the same time. If everything is up and working, we're ready to go!

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