Sniffer.c Tcl/Tk Tutorial
A program for observing network traffic | A Non-Programmers tutorial on Tcl

This is the main page for my senior seminar, which is comprised of two projects: a network sniffer (Sniffer.c) and an online Tcl/Tk Tutorial for Non-Programmers. The homepage for Sniffer.c contains the code as well as an example of it being run on Earlham College's Computer Science server while the Tutorial home is just the tutorial itself. Below are links to things like my project proposals and other history.

My Proposals

These have been updated to reflect the changes in my projects.
Proposal for the programming portion.
Proposal for the research portion.

Interested in history? See my original proposals!
Original proposal for the programming portion
Original proposal for the research portion.


Log of what I've done so far.


This is all linked to from the project homepages, but if you're just interested in the research you can skip to it from here. Note that I wrote all this as background for my projects, but the scope is considerably wider than what was needed to implement Sniffer.c.
Basics of Networking My notes on the OSI model, topography, etc. Just some basic knowledge about networking.
TCP How Transmission Control Protocol operates.
UDP Information on User Datagram Protocol.
IP A more in depth treatment of Internet Protocol (versions 4 and 6).
Internet Timeline A timeline of the internet, from conception to the present day.
Tcl/Tk Timeline A timeline of how Tcl was developed. Interesting historical notes.

Bibliography A slew of links and a book or two.

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