A Non-Programmer's Introduction to Tcl/Tk

This is a tutorial geared towards all those people who are comfortable with their computer and want to learn how to create some simple (and perhaps not so simple) programs. It is for people who are not programmers but would be interested in becoming such! This won't teach you, but hopefully is a fun and exciting step in the right direction. Note that by far the best resource for this is one of the many fine books available. Go buy one. You can find links to lists under resources.


Introduction (who this is for, why I'm writing it and what the heck Tcl is)
How to Obtain Tcl/Tk
A Few Basics
Your First Widget
Core Tcl Rules
Tcl Commands
Core Tk Rules
Tk Commands
Advanced Tcl
Where To Go From Here...

Land, Air, and Sea here is the code for a Tcl/Tk game I made. Download it and run it if you have Tcl/Tk installed!
Tcl/Tk Timeline I created this for a presentation I gave on Tcl/Tk, it's included here because I think it's pretty interesting.

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